Planet Bluegrass Weddings



• What is the rental price for the venue?

Any Saturday in 2019 is $10,000. All other dates in 2019 are $8,500.

• What is included with the rental price?

Exclusive use of the property (the main field, gardens, parking lot, backstage bridal cabin, grooms yurt, bathhouse, bar area, shop, and Wildflower Pavilion) from 11:00am-11:00pm. The main house is NOT included in the rental and may be occupied by the owner or his guests or rented to a third party.
Use of our custom built cedar tables.
Two hundred and fifty folding wooden chairs.
Use of first class Meyers sound system in pavilion for digital music players.
One speaker/microphone set-up for ceremony.
Lighting package including the Pavilion and the outdoor ceremony area.

• What is the capacity for a Planet Bluegrass wedding?

The maximum number for a Planet Bluegrass Wedding is 250 guests.

• How can we get a tour of the facility?

Due to high demand, we have regularly scheduled group tours at 11am on Tuesday and 3pm on Thursday. Please email to schedule your tour. Because people live on the property and we do frequently host other events, we ask that you refrain from stopping by and hoping to view the property. We are happy to make an appointment and will do our best to accommodate you.

• Can you describe the property?

Planet Bluegrass is 25 acres of riverside property with a large maintained lawn and many cottonwood trees. The 5,000 square foot heated Wildflower Pavilion is typically the center of our weddings. The Pavilion has barn style sliding doors that can open on all four sides for a very light, but shaded and protected feeling. Likewise, the doors can slide shut in the event of inclement weather. Typically, the pavilion is used for dining and dancing.

An indoor catering facility is provided, with three hole sink, work tables, 110/240 volt electricity and a natural gas hookup. Attached to the catering facility is a 30’ sandstone bar.

We have a large bathhouse with thirty toilets and six showers. It’s rustic, but it is more than adequate for 300 people. Attached to the bathhouse is a substantial walk in cooler that can be used by your caterer and can also store alcohol.

The bride’s cabin is along the river behind the main stage and includes a kitchen, bathroom and washer/dryer. The bride’s cabin is a nice distance removed from the typical wedding area and provides a bit of privacy for the bride and her team.

For Grooms, an air conditioned furnished yurt is provided adjacent to the pavilion along the river.

• What kind of music can we have?

You can have whatever kind of music you would like on the stage of the Wildflower Pavilion. Bands and DJ’s are welcome. If your band would like to use our sound system, additional staff and fees will be required. If you’d just like to plug-in an ipod, we can accommodate that as well. Sound levels cannot exceed 75 decibels outside or 95 decibels inside the Pavilion. Use of the Main Stage is not permitted. All music MUST end by 10pm.

• What kind of lighting decorations does your venue offer?

Our venue comes set-up with elegantly draped market lights over the reception area of the pavilion. In addition, the venue has a professional LED concert lighting set up that can be customized to illuminate the stage as well as the roof of the pavilion to any color you desire. LED Christmas lights will be wrapped around each of the four pillars in the building as well as around 4 of the trees in the woods ceremony area. We also have professional stage lighting aimed at our cliff side, that can be used to illuminate the cliffs behind the venue if you desire. Additional lighting needs can be accommodated by us, your florist, or caterer, depending on date and need. Please coordinate with your Venue Manager about the best options to meet your needs.

• How do I reserve my wedding date?

Upon touring the property, your execution of our Rental Agreement along with providing a 50% deposit reserves your date.

• What happens after I reserve my date?

You will promptly be contacted by one of our venue managers. Your venue manager will be your chief source of contact from the time your date is secured until your wedding date and will be onsite throughout your wedding day. Your venue manager will assure that the venue is in proper shape for you to begin your day; and will also insure that your caterer has left it in proper shape at the conclusion of your event.

Your venue manager will also accompany you on your walk through (described below). Your venue manager will be in contact with your caterer to make sure they understand all our venue requirements as well as to insure the venue is prepared for the needs of your caterer.

• Are there any Staff or Vendor requirements of the venue?

We do require that your caterer and bartending staff come from our approved list. In the event you really wish to use an unlisted caterer, we will do our best to accommodate you. We will require any unlisted caterer to meet with our venue manager so that we can make sure they are clear about our expectations and the specifics of our walk-in, catering facility and so forth. If they are great, we’ll add them to our list. However, we have many great choices on our catering list and hope that you can make your choice from there.

Spice of Life is our preferred caterer. If you do not use Spice of Life catering, we recommend that that you hire a professional wedding coordinator. Even if you don’t hire a full-service wedding coordinator months before your wedding, we strongly recommend you hire a “Day of Coordinator”. This cannot be a member of your family or a guest of the wedding. The coordinator should stay until all guests, caterers, band members, etc. have left the property.

For other vendor recommendations, our current vendor list is attached. The vendor list contains many types of vendors with multiple options per category. The vendor list is merely suggestions of those we have had very good experiences with in the past or that come highly recommended.

Your staff should be coordinated with your caterer and/or coordinator. You can also hire the staffing service listed on our vendor list. Extra help is usually only needed if you don’t hire a full service caterer.

You may want to have family and/or friends set up tables, chairs, linens, or decor. You’re more than welcome to do this, provided there is good communication between Planet Bluegrass, yourself, and your caterer. However, with the exception of your personal items, we do not allow family or friends to clean up at the end of the evening. Not only will your friends and family appreciate this (no matter what they say, they really don’t want to be cleaning up after your wedding), but the property must be cleaned professionally by your caterer or your hired staff to make sure Planet Bluegrass is clean and perfect for the next day. Clean up MUST be completed by 11pm.

• How do I get to Planet Bluegrass?

The Planet Bluegrass Ranch is located on Highway 36, just northwest of the historic downtown area of Lyons, CO. Our property is bordered by the North St. Vrain River - between the bridges just outside of Lyons. We are just 25 minutes from Boulder and about an hour from Denver or Fort Collins. Our address is 500 West Main Street, Lyons, CO. Planet Bluegrass is private Property and we often have other events going on; please make an appointment before visiting.

• How do I pay my rental balance?

Your balance (50% of the rental fee) is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. Please make the check out to Planet Bluegrass, or call us to pay with a credit card. The mailing address for Planet Bluegrass is Box 769, Lyons, CO 80540. Our shipping address is: 500 West Main, Lyons, CO 80540, and the phone number is 303-823-0848.

• Do you require a damage deposit?

Although in our experience it’s very rare, accidents do happen. We do require a credit card authorization form or a check in the amount of $500, at the time final payment is due, to cover any damages that may occur as a result of your event. We will not charge you or cash your check unless damage occurs.

• What’s all this I hear about Planet Bluegrass being sensitive about the environment?

Rumors are true! We expect Planet Bluegrass weddings to be produced with the same environmental awareness as we produce our festivals. This means that reusable items are preferred, compostable items are acceptable, and recyclable items are a last resort. Please do not bring plastic plates, utensils...etc.

• What items will I need to rent?

You will likely need to rent your plates, glassware, flatware, linens, etc. We provide only tables and chairs. Renting a few overhead heaters may be a good idea in the fall for the bar and patio areas. The Wildflower Pavilion is heated. You will find reputable rental companies on our Vendor List.

• Are there any local products and services?

We want to make sure you are aware of the locally grown and organic flowers available at the Lyons Farmette ( Not only can provide great flowers, but they and their sister property, Riverbend, are outstanding wedding venues as well.
The Farmette venues are each a bit different than Planet Bluegrass, but both are excellent.
We’ve not ever heard anyone disappointed with their experiences with weddings at The Farmette venues and we feel obligated to let people know about these great alternatives to our property.

• Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Because Planet Bluegrass is a licensed facility under Colorado Liquor Laws, we cannot
allow any beer, wine or alcohol to be brought onto the premises. All liquor must be purchased through us. We will order it and store it in our refrigerated walk-in. We also have liquor liability insurance.

• Is there any incredibly awesome local lodging?

Oh! Trick question. The Festivarie Inn is associated with Planet Bluegrass and is a quaint
8 room bed and breakfast in the middle of downtown Lyons. The entire facility can be rented for $1000 per night. The eight rooms are upstairs and there is a kitchen and large banquet room downstairs. “The Inn” is suitable for a prenuptial dinner, and “late night” post parties. It is an excellent headquarters for members of the wedding party, family, or any wedding guests.
More about the Festivarie Inn can be found at:; and, reservations can be made through our booking engine linked there. Let us know if you would like to book the entire facility prior to March 15th. Please direct any questions about the Inn to

Another great option for local lodging is Wee Casa, a tiny home village located just across from Planet Bluegrass. Contact information is on our vendor list.

• Can we access property prior to our event?

Included in your rental is a one-hour walk-through at Planet Bluegrass with your venue manager. Typically the caterer and wedding coordinator also attend this walk through. We suggest you schedule your walk-through with your venue manager 4 – 6 weeks before your wedding date. Because of high demand, other visits to the property are not available other than our regularly scheduled tour times.

Rehearsals can be accommodated. But we may have a wedding, or other event the day before your wedding date. Rehearsals must be scheduled with us and are held between 9:30 and 10:30 am. Please limit your rehearsal guests to ceremony participants only. Please do not bring pets, games, or picnics.

Your rental agreement states that you have the use of the property from 11AM - 11:00PM on the day of your event. The music and bar must stop at 10:00 PM. This will give another hour for your caterer, coordinator and/or your staff to clean up.

• Is that all I need to know?

Here’s some miscellaneous stuff:

Smoking is prohibited within any structure on our property.

No overnight camping is permitted at Planet Bluegrass; however, Meadow Park is an excellent local tent camping or RV location. For reservations call the Lyons Parks and Recreation Department at 303-823-8250 until May 25th. After that, reservations will go through the park host at 303-823-6150.

Parking is included; and we expect all cars to be off the venue property by 11 p.m. If necessary, for safety or unexpected reasons, we ask that every effort be made to have vehicles be picked no later than 9:00 AM the following morning.

We will provide trash cans and similar infrastructure.

Use of the fire pit is included but can only be used if there is no fire ban. We provide firewood and our venue manager will light the fire.

Candles are permitted, but must be in a safe candle holder or a jar.

No sparklers or candle-lit Chinese lanterns.

Bubbles are allowed.

Use of our large walk-in cooler in the bathhouse building and refrigerator in the bar building are included.

We do not have an icemaker or provide ice.

Dogs are welcome for the ceremony. After the ceremony, please have them with a handler, or taken off the property. We don’t want dogs
running around loose for any reason.

Dance floors are only allowed in the Pavilion. No dance floors may be brought onto other parts of the venue because of their impact on the grass.

Your caterer must haul all your trash, recyclables and compostable materials to our appropriate receptacles at the back of the venue. Please minimize the waste your event will produce. All food waste must be put into compost bags and hauled by your caterer to our bear proof containers on the night of your event.

Planet Bluegrass is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please contact your venue manager in the event of any lost or forgotten items.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your venue manager (or prior to reserving your date) with any questions.

We expect your wedding at Planet Bluegrass to be among the best days of your life. That’s kinda’ the whole point.

If you don’t find what your are looking for here, please contact us at